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manufacturing surfboard angletSTARK, the shaper of reference in France

Very well known in France and abroad for the quality of his surfboards, Jean Pierre STARK, born in 1955, discovered surfing in Tahiti in 1968. At that time he was already shaping his own boards.

In 1971, he came back to France and settled in the French Basque area to follow his passion. In 1981, the brand STARK Surfboards was born and would soon become a worldwide reference for all types of surfers, from beginners to professionals.

Jean Pierre STARK supported its development on partnerships and exchanges with the best French and international surfers such as : Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Flavio Padaratz, Todd Prestage, Didier Piter, Ross Willams, Chris Ward, Dan Ross and many others.

Today, the brand STARK Surfboards is very well known and appreciated everywhere in France (The Basque Country, the Landes area, Brittany…) and abroad. One of our strengths is listening carefully to our customers in order to make perfect surfboards. That’s why each surfboard made by STARK Surfboards is unique and adapted to each surfer.

We also offer the possibility to our clients to customize their surfboards with their own decoration.

In 2016, Jean Pierre STARK joined forces with Vincent MARECHAL (Engineer). The goal of this partnership is to promote and develop STARK Surfboards on the French and International markets.

The target is to meet the demand of the greatest number of our clients who are using our new PHENO technology which introduces carbon tubes in the blank and making the boards stronger and more reactive than a traditional board with a wooden stringer.

From shortboards to longboards and kneeboards, we offer you a wide choice of surfboard models which are all customizable.

STARK Surfboards is recognized as the best surfboard shaper in the Basque region (Anglet, Biarritz, Hendaye, Saint Jean de Luz) and in the Landes as well (Hossegor, Lacanau, Capbreton).

Stark - technologie pheno

STARK Surfboards
team surfers

Details of our team :

We are providing surfboards to the STARK Surfboards team surfers. This way, our surfboards are ever-present in the water during freesurf sessions or during contests in France and abroad. All our surfers are riding PHENO boards which are more efficient than traditional surfboards. From shortboards to longboards, all of our models are involved in the amateur or pro championships. Our team surfers appreciate this technology which allows them to have lighter and more reactive boards on the waves.

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A top name brand on both the French and international surf scenes

Open it up and discover the latest news from STARK Surfboards. We share with you all the main information so you can follow us at different events that make our brand a major player in surfing in France and abroad.

Discover the reviews left by our customers after purchasing and using their new STARK surfboard.

Looking for a surfboard manufacturer on the Basque coast (Anglet, Biarritz, Hendaye, Saint Jean de Luz) and the Landes coast (Hossegor, Lacanau, Capbreton)?  Contact Stark Surfboards.

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