Two board technologies : Classic boards or PHENO boards

Innovation and reliability for a new riding experience

All our surfboards can be made with either of the 2 types of blanks:

The classic one, or « traditional board », is manufactured with a Polyurethane blank with a wooden stringer running down the middle from nose to tail.  The board is then glassed with polyester resin.

The « PHENO » Technology (patented system): the wooden stringer is replaced by stiffeners (carbon tubes) inside the foam during the manufacturing process of the blank.

technologie surfboard pheno

stark boards pheno - 2

This new technology, made with a polystyrene blank and epoxy glassing, makes very light boards which are more flexible, more responsive and very strong.

The board is faster in the water and the carbon tube technology shows its full potential during maneuvers.

Compared to traditional boards, PHENO boards have an uncommon boost. Thanks to the “rebound” effect provided by the carbon tubes. When the board is under pressure from the surfer, it is deformed, storing energy before releasing it again while producing acceleration.

Surfboards with PHENO technology models won 1st place at the EuroSIMA innovation challenge in 2009.

Today, the development is completed and PHENO boards are available to all of our clients.

All our boards are now available with the PHENO technology.

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