Your surfboards manufacturing step by step

An alchemy between the shaper’s experience and the new technologies

Taking into account our customers wishes, we can define the best boards for them regarding their size, their weight, their surf experience and of course the kind of waves they want to ride.

As soon as we know which surfboard is suitable to our customer we can proceed with the board design and manufacturing.

Of course, if you need a special design to customize your surfboard, we can do it for you.

The board manufacturing is made through the 5 major steps as follows :

1. The board drawing made with “Shape 3D”

stark modele shape

2. The pre-shaping made on an CNC machine

3. The manual shape finishing

stark shaper boards

stark surfboard customization - 5

4. The glassing and the customization

stark boards shape finition

surf stark surfboards

5. The board sanding